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CoC Membership


Membership in the CoC ensures community-wide commitment to preventing and ending homelessness and must represent a diverse body of stakeholders from throughout the entire geographic area of the CoC. The intent is for the CoC to be as inclusive as possible to include the opinions and insights of various stakeholders. The CoC membership reports to the CoC Board, informs the CoC Board, holds the CoC Board accountable, and is held accountable by the CoC Board. The CoC general membership may include the following types of stakeholders:​


Anyone interested in ending homelessness in Maryland, is encouraged to join. The Maryland BoS CoC invites new members to join via electronic application on an ongoing basis.  The invitation is communicated by public notice and other appropriate media, which may include website announcements and email messages distributed to a wide range of stakeholders and members.


Any party interested in applying for funding administered by the Balance of State Continuum of Care must be a member in good standing.





2021 Balance of State All Member Meeting

Meeting Presentation

Meeting Recording

  • Homeless or formerly homeless individuals and families

  • Non-profit organizations representing veterans and individuals with disabilities

  • Victim service providers

  • Faith-based organizations

  • Public housing agencies

  • Advocates

  • Mental Health agencies

  • School districts

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Affordable housing developers

  • Law enforcement

  • Representatives of business and financial institutions

  • Representatives of private foundations and funding organizations

  • Social service providers

  • State and local government agencies

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